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My name is Ben Sheehan, Personal Trainer at Les Mills Victoria St for 20 years now.


I started using the FitMeIn meals about a year ago,my eating was good but I really didn't have the time or inspiration to make my meals as good as they could be.


Having been a competitive bodybuilder at National level in the mid 90’s I knew how to eat and find using the meals make my days easy and without hassle.


I buy a selection of the Paleo and Bigfit meals based on what my goals are for that week and my training load. I eat 3 of these meals a day and supplement these with 3 other meals and/or shakes, berries, nut butters etc.


Following a carb cycling approach I am able to gain muscle and keep my body fat low, going through periods of growth when I train my hardest and maintaining when I am backing off a bit. This is with intermittent periods of high,medium or low carbohydrates and healthy fats. So a hard week I’d eat almost all Bigfits, a moderate week a mixture of the two and a light week or a week off training I’d eat only Paleo.


I do have a refeed meal on a Sunday,anything goes for one meal,burger and fries and ice cream or pizza and chocolate and find this stops me craving during the week. If I want to be really strict and maybe feel I’m getting tubby I would only do a refeed every second week. The goals of the refeed are to have a psychological break from my diet as a whole,to refill glycogen stores and to upregulate hormones and thyroid activity that are depressed during dieting. Even if I was to compete again,which I won’t,I’d include a refeed right up till the last weekend before my event.


My training is broken into 12 week blocks with 1 week off training at the end of this time. Workouts change for each body part every week.


Also the most important times for eating your carbs if you are watching them are before ,during and after your workouts. So a meal with moderate protein ,fat and carbs about an hour before. A mixture of fast acting carbs and slow acting carbs and casein hydrolysates (whey isolate is fine but nowhere near as good) in a drink, with electrolytes like sodium and potassium. To shuttle these into your muscles during workouts. A high carb and protein meal after your workout.


So order your Fit Me In meals and get onto a good thing! They save my wasitline, my time AND money!

  • I love fit me in. It takes the stress of meal prep out of my life knowing that when I go to the fridge at work for lunch and at home for dinner that I have a well balanced meal that gives my body energy to train and that helps recovery. The meals aren't always the same there's variety to keep it interesting as well as the occasional treat  Its always there Monday Wednesday Friday without fail conveniently packed and easy to transport. Tastes great and gives me everything I need to get through the day. Good clean fuel for performance.

Michael Nash

I always thought my nutrition was pretty good; sure I indulged in junk here and there. It wasn’t until I wanted to begin being competitive at Crossfit and the intensity of my training increased that I continued to wake up exhausted and have no energy throughout the day. I had a chat with the team at Fit me In and realized what I needed to do, and that was sort my eating out. All the work I was putting in with training was being canceled by useless foods with no nutrients and wasn’t allowing my body to not only repair but also repair with growth and development.

First couple of weeks eating the lunches and dinners I noticed massive differences all round but I was still being lazy with what I was eating in between meals. I have a very busy life style working 8-6 most days of the week and training with the crew at Crossfit Infinite 6:30-8:30ish most nights so squeezing in the right foods and the correct quantities was proving difficult. I upsized the Fit Me In meals and took some ideas from the meals and information I had read online as to what I should be snaking on like nuts, fruits, meats and vegetables. I’ve included protein shakes throughout my day, as they are a good hit of energy and protein while being extremely easy through my busy day. Due to weight not being an issue for me I have allowed myself to take sugar level intakes throughout the day, mainly from 85% cocoa chocolate (small quantities as very rich) and an Amino Energy supplement that I take before training.

Bulking is a term many people use which allows them to get bigger and somewhat stronger however I’ve never wanted to do that as cardio is a huge part of my training. These changes in my diet have promoted great lean muscle growth and strength while developing the lungs I need to push through the high intensity training

Ben Dallas

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Each week Fit Me In® creates a new menu. You can tailor each menu to suit your own requirements and the meals are delivered to your home, office and selected gyms.

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