Here's a selection of the comments posted on our Facebook page by some of our many happy customers:

WOW! If you are thinking about this... DO IT! The food flavours are amazing! FRESH and convenient. Portions are great and I feel energised. There is simply no catch? It is win win win win! haha.

Just wanted to say I absolutely love my fitmein meals! They are amazing so tasty and portions are really good. The meatballs I had today were soooo delicious! So glad I found you. Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work xxx

Awesome, just awesome! I am a first time mum and the last thing I want to think about is cooking! I have been getting these meals since my last trimester and I just love them! very nutritious and delicious and if I feel i want to complement with something else I could easily do it at home. I can concentrate on my baby and forget about lunch and dinner, I just open the fridge, choose my meal, heat and eat. Its wonderful and the service is great! THANK YOU!

Thank you and our first order was all received in fine order and we are thoroughly enjoying the experience…..the food is delicious and the service and delivery excellent. Very impressed.

Fit me in is freaking awesome!!! Gave it a go this week the food is amazing and it's delivered by ninjas!!!! On tues and thurs night we put out the chilly bin and in the morning dinner had been delivered didn't hear a thing!! Great service great food so impressed

I recieved my first meals yesterday (lunch & dinner) simply amazing, full of flavour filling healthy dishes. Definatley what I need in my busy lifestyle.

Yummy yummy yummy! Just what I need in my busy life!

Holy lord is the Jamaican jerk chicken good!!!@!$

Great food, great system. Never felt better, keep up the good work.

Best yet team .... To die for!!!

‪#‎fitmein‬ never fails.

"Omg. I just wanted to say wow!! The food is amazing! Absolutely delicious. I am so glad I heard of you guys. Thank you :)"

"Blueberry pancakes - omg. Marry me."

"My first big Fit Meal, looks small in photo but its huge! Pumpkin overload love it and the lamb is sooooo soft and perfect just melts in your mouth, epic work Fit Me In team, nom nom nom!!!"

" Just got my first two meals delivered to work before 8am this morning - they look great, can't wait for lunch! Thanks for answering all my questions and tailoring the dinner to be carb free - awesome stuff! I'll be placing many more orders for sure :)"

"You seriously deserve a medal for that soup. ERMAHGERD."

"LOVING THE MEALS! just had the fish curry... omg sooo yum! Heat from frozen and they taste fresh! :O)"

"Just had my first Fit Me In Meal...WOW!! Thanks for making it easy to eat healthily! And delivered to my door...what a treat!"

"Thank-you Fit Me In for your awesome meals! Not only are they convenient AND super delicious, I have also noticed a massive change in my energy levels and my training has just gotten better and better. Yesterday I placed 2nd in my first ever Crossfit Competition Scaled Females at Zealous Crossfit, and will continue to keep fueling my body with the best Paleo meals around!! :)"

"I have to say, the curry this week was SOOOOO yummy! I absolutely LOVED the flavour & the lovely big chunks of moist meat. Can't wait to have that again :-)"

"Hi Fit Me In team, thanks for taking the hassle and boredom out of our weekly meals. I'm a new mum so the convenience has been awesome. I also had weight loss goal for my sisters wedding and lost 5kg in 6 weeks. Keep up the great work."

"Salmon & spinach quiche and meat balls today were amaze!!!"

"Stressful day at work made 1 million times better with delicious chicken schnitzel meal"

"Started FitMeIn. Lost 5 kilos.Stopped FitMeIn. Put it all straight back on! Please have me back!!! I miss the convenience of not having to wonder what to have for dinnner (which normally results in reaching for the takeaway menu). Will PM you my order and hoping you can FitMeIn for next week!"

"My son and I started ordering the food 3 weeks ago- I have lost 8.5kg he has lost 12kg. Thanks the food is lovely, it's convenient and best of all you don't feel hungry!!!"

"Had my first meals from Fit Me In today!! Am so impressed, great quality, convenience and most importantly, nutritional needs met. Highly recommend so far. Looking forward to tomorrows meals. Simple, fresh, clean, leaves me fighting mean :)"

"First round of food arrived today. Absolutely stoked with the first days meals. Already saving money on food and eating way better. What more could I ask for.. oh yes.. just as good tomorrow."

Honestly you have not lived life untill you try "fit me in" meal sauce 👌👌👌better than my fave aioli from burger fuel and its all natural and healthy ingredients ! Makes clean eating more exciting i tell ya !! Wonder if you can buy the sauce seperate hehehehheFit Me In In you da bestest

"I would like to say a huge thank you to the crew at Fit me in!!! I was a month out from my first corporate fight and still needed to lose a few kilos.  I had starting to lose motivation to cook due to being so tired from training.  I was talking to a friend who mentioned his ‘fit me in’ meals had just arrived on his door step.  Of course I asked what ‘fit me in’ was all about, he told me and the following week I had ordered my meals and had my first delivery. I was blown away with the service I received and  the food exceeded my expectations as well as aligning well with my nutrition plan written by a reputable nutritionist!

I am pleased to report I lost the required kgs and I WON my fight I couldn’t be happier with the result! The convenience is just too good to give up so I  will definitely  continue to order!"

Iv'e just had your "Keto" soup ... WOW, that was so tasty! Thank's Fit Me In, you guys rock!


How it works

Each week Fit Me In® creates a new menu. You can tailor each menu to suit your own requirements and the meals are delivered to your home, office and selected gyms.

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