Why eat clean?

What is clean eating?

Clean eating means aiming to eat only foods which are not processed or refined, as well as limiting the amount of salt, sugar and other processed ingredients. Clean eating puts the emphasis back onto the fresh foods that humans have evolved to eat: meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds. If you couldn't make it, catch it or pick it, you shouldn't eat it.

Why should I eat clean?

There are many reasons to eat clean, and here are five of the best: 

  1. You'll feel healthier, and you'll be healthier
  2. You'll find it easier to lose weight and stay lean
  3. You'll find it easier to build muscle and perform at your physical peak
  4. You'll feel good and reduce your risk of depression
  5. It's environmentally friendly - clean foods mean less packaging and less processing 

How does clean eating improve your health?

Eating whole foods has been shown to be linked to better health outcomes for your body and your mind. Below are some of the studies that have shown the benefits of clean eating:

Fruitand unprocessed meats help you stay slim: A 2009 Danish study of over 40,000 people found that a diet that is low in fruit and red meat, and high in snack foods, is linked to a larger waist and a higher risk of abdominal obesity. 

Processed meat is unhealthy: Severalresearch projects have shown that eating processed meats is directly linked to an increase in rates of cancer.

Wholefoods require more energy to digest: A 2010 study found that whole foods need more energy to digest than processed foods. 

Processed foods are addictive and lead to overeating: A 2013 study found that highly-processed carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index caused excess hunger and caused reactions in the brain connected to cravings. 

Eating whole foods reduces your risk of depression: A 2009 study found that a diet high in processed foods was associated with a higher risk of depression, compared to a study high in whole foods, which was linked to a lower risk of depression.


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