How to Order


Paleo Menu- 

  • Order via the website, choose breakfast, lunches and dinners or any combination of the 3. Alternatively you can choose via the “Create Your Own” menu to pick and choose your meals. 
  • Send a Facebook message or an email and pay via bank transfer.

Paleo meals can be optimized to no pumpkin/kumara, Upsized and keto (keto is free from pumpkin kumara, smaller protein portion and more green veges) click on optimize.

BigFit can be upsized protein, carbs substituted for vege- click optimize


Paleo meals are delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with 2 days worth of meals each delivery day. 

If you choose a meal for Monday or Tuesday it will be delivered Monday. For Wednesday or Thursday it will be delivered Wednesday etc.

BigFit and SlimFit meals can be split over Monday, Wednesday and Friday OR delivered all on the same day.

Delivery usually occurs to residential locations before 7:30am. But please let us know in notes if there is special time restrictions- e.g. must be before 7:15am as delays do sometimes occur and we are not able to get to all locations before 730am.

We strongly recommend putting your chilly bins / chilly bag out for our delivery ninja’s to drop your meals into so they are in the best possible condition for you. This is good practice all year round not only for keeping your meals cool in the summer and dry in the winter, but also sometimes help our ninjas to locate the correct delivery spot for your precious meals. Adding an ice pack is still a good idea as well!

Delivery to the CBD offices is between 8:00am & 10:00am and Outer areas between 9am &12pm.

Delivery is possible to all inner Auckland suburbs plus North shore as far as Albany. We also deliver to parts of South Auckland as far as Papakura. Please contact us if you are out of the inner suburbs to organise delivery. 


  • Our deliveries at times can be earlier or later than mentioned above due to weather, traffic and run schedules.
  • Public Holidays - We do not deliver on public holidays. However, the deliveries will be made on the next scheduled delivery day.


Meals are recommended to be kept for 3-4 days in the fridge and then must be frozen for no longer than 2-3 months . Meals containing salad are not to be frozen.

Calorie values in paleo vary between meal to meal. We base our meals on 200g protein, 100g vege and 100g pumpkin/kumara.


How it works

Each week Fit Me In® creates a new menu. You can tailor each menu to suit your own requirements and the meals are delivered to your home, office and selected gyms.

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