Paleo Menu

Paleo Menu



The Paleo diet has been hugely successful for so many, but shopping and eating the Paleo way can take time and effort.

The Fit Me In® Paleo menus remove all the stress of shopping and eating this way. All our meals adhere to the principles of Paleolithic eating. We build our menus around fresh grass-fed meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and healthy oils. There’s no dairy, no gluten, no legumes, no refined sugars or excess salt – nothing processed, nothing artificial. Just the original food groups that provide the optimum fuel for your body. But at Fit Me In® we make those foods far tastier than your average caveman could ever have imagined. By designing our meals in conjunction with a nutritionist, our chef makes sure every meal is true to the Paleo ideals, is delicious and nutritious.

For those who still eat clean but are not strictly paleo we have introduced our Paleo Plus range. All the best parts of our delicious Paleo meals with ancient grains and good carbs added!

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Prices (6days):

Breakfast                                   $88.56
Breakfast and Lunch              $167.40
Breakfast and Dinner             $167.40
Lunch                                          $88.56
Lunch/Dinner                           $167.40
Dinner                                         $88.56
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner       $232.02

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